Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you explain the CSM exam process, cost, and preparation strategies?

For the CSM course, once you've actively participated in our live online course, we forward your details to the Scrum Alliance, which will send you an exam link. The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, with a pass mark of 74% (37 correct answers). It should be completed within 60 minutes and within 90 days of receiving the link. You can take the exam from anywhere and at any time as it's online and on-demand.

For preparation, active participation during the course is essential. Post-course, review the provided materials and study the following resources:

What materials are provided?

We provide downloadable materials during our courses, which are not available before the class starts.

Is there pre-course material?

The only thing you must do is ensure you complete step 5 under technical requirements below.

How are breaks managed during the course?

Yes, we incorporate short breaks throughout the course, along with a longer lunch break for full-day courses.

What are the technical requirements?

In order to create successful outcomes, please read the following:

  • 1. All our courses are delivered via the free Zoom videoconferencing software, which can be downloaded here: Zoom Desktop Client. The file to download is called Zoom Desktop Client which is the first link on the page. Please install the Zoom software and prepare your computer a few days in advance so you have time to correct any issues before the start of your course. You do not need to sign up for a Zoom account or give them a credit card number to download and install the free software.
  • 2. During the course, students will be asked to switch between viewing the Zoom application and navigating various web pages. Participants should be very comfortable using a computer and should be computer literate. Google Chrome is our recommended browser. You can download it here:
  • 3. Company-issued work computers tend to be restricted and locked down in numerous ways and may create technical problems during your course. If at all possible, use your personal desktop or laptop computer. The use of tablets and mobile phones is not recommended. Disable all VPNs to allow for a stronger, more stable internet connection.
  • 4. Use a stable high-bandwidth internet connection. Please do not use a cell phone hotspot. You will have a downgraded experience if you attempt to use a cell phone hotspot. We recommend that you avoid using Wifi and access our classes via a wired Ethernet connection if at all possible. We also strongly recommend asking other household members not to engage in high-bandwidth internet activities while taking your course, including watching Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, online gaming, and high bandwidth usage of cell phone WiFi or hotspot connections. To be safe and ensure the best connection for your course, disable WiFi from all other household members' cell phones. A minimum recommendation is 800kbps/1.0Mbps (up/down) for high-quality video (ideally 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps (up/down) or higher for HD video). You can test your bandwidth by visiting: For further Zoom technical specifications, please visit:
  • 5. Please sign the working agreements by going to the whiteboard page at (enter in as "view as a visitor"), then choosing a blank post-it note from the left side bar and adding your name to it by typing into it. The whiteboard will save your changes automatically.

Is there a 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not happy after the first day of class, please notify us BEFORE the start of the second class day for a full refund. Email [email protected] for your full refund. Due to Scrum Alliance certification fees, we cannot offer refunds after the first day of the course.

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